Crates Castle

Crathes Castle is one of the best historical buildings in the United Kingdom. Everything you need to know before going to this castle, which has an impressive history and appearance, can be found on this site.

Crathes Castle History

crathes castle history

Built by Burnett of Leys Family in 1553, Crathes Castle was meant to be massive, majestic and a home for the family house. This castle is famous for its family and classic Scottish tower house design. This family is also linked with Monboddo Monboddo House, home of Judge James Burnett.

Crashes Castle stands with its all might in the land of Scotland, the Aberdeenshire   region. Burnetts resided in the Castle for almost 4 centuries. And the land in Abeerdeenshire was granted by King Robert to the family in 1323. This 16th century castle was completed by Alexander Burnett of Leys, in 1596. Alexander Burnett had also began to build a new castle, Muchalls Castle, to be completed by his very son, Thomas Burnett. Crathes Castle has been given to National Trust for Scotland in 1951, by 13th Baronet Sir James Burnett.

Burnett of Leys

Although the family claims Norman ancestry, there may also be a tie to the pro minent Saxon line of Burnard from England. Living with the motto, Virescit Vulnere Virtus (Courage flourishes at a wound), Burnetts has a crest, a hand with knife pruning a vine tree.

The Hauntings of Crathes Castle

This Castle has two hauntings. The White Lady and the Green Lady. The White Lady is the least well known between them two, and it is the ghost of a woman called Bertha. Bertha was supposed to be Alexander Burnettʼs, a young lairds wife. She fell in love with him and they were going to get married and she had her private room in the castle during the wedding arrangements, But however, Alexanderʼs mother Lady Agnes didnʼt consider Bertha as a worthy bride for his one and only son. Lady Agnes found no other way to get rid of her, therefore she waited until Alexander was out of the house for the evening before poisoning his future wife.

When Alexander came back from his trip, he devastated with the news of his brides death. He was sure that her mother had something to do with this, and it was confirmed soon after. When poor girls family came to collect the body, Lady Agnes suddenly shivered and became deathly pale, shouting that Bertha was there with them alive, and died suddenly. Rumors say that every year, on the anniversary of her death, The White Lady comes and wanders around the Crathes Castle.

The Green Lady, the well known one, is still a mystery today. Some say that she is Burnett Lairdʼs daughter. This lady had an affair with a stableboy and got

pregnant eventually and she tried to hide her pregnancy. How ever when her father learned about the child after she gave birth, he got furious. One event led to another and she and her baby were nowhere to be found, they both disappeared completely. The fact that supports this theory is, in fact, there were some evidence found in Green Ladyʼs room in 19th century, bones of an infant.

The ghost of the Green Lady comes into sight as a young woman with a baby in her hands, or a green sphere. She has been seen by many people including Queen Victoria, to this day she still shows prevails herself to tourists.

Crathes Castle Inside

crathes castle inside
crathes castle inside

This phenomenal place is famous for its painted ceilings and 17th century oak pannels. These paintings purpose is not to offer an aesthetic sight for the eyes solely, but a history lies within these ceilings. Each one tells the story of the family. It is a sight worth seeing.

Also sizable number of portraits can be found throughout the castle, and numerous Jacobean halls, like the Chamber of the Muses, the Chamber of Nine Worthies, and the Green Lady’s Room, still have their original Scottish Renaissance painted ceilings. And inside the castle, original furniture including two caquetoire chairs and a carved bed from 1957, which still exhibits carries on its owners heritage to this day.

Crathes Castle Gardens

crathes castle garden
crathes castle garden

The castle has over 530 acres of fields, and almost 4 acres of this field contains walled garden. Walled Garden was designed by Sir James Burnett and his wife in 20th century, Especially in summer, herbaceous borders exhibit a full spectrum of colors. It has a large selection of unusual plants on display. 1ath century Irish yew ancient topiary hedges split the area into eight different sections. You can also experience the divine blooms and heavenly scents of incredibly rare Malmaison Carnations. In conclusion, with its fountains, pools, plants and herbs, gardens offer a striking sight to behold.

Crathes Castle National Trails

crathes castle national trails
crathes castle national trails

The castle has six waymarked trails around the map, territories including forest, bog, lakes and streams. You will witness natural life en route. Hawks, deers, red kites, and so much more.

Crathes Castle Cafe

crathes castle cafe
crathes castle cafe

Cafe 1702 is ready to serve delicious variety of foods and drinks, it is especially famous for its Extreme Hot Chocolate in colder seasons. The cafe also has playground for children, and you can bring your dog in this castle cafe and let your pet taste ice cream special for dogs, dog biscuits and water bowls.

Crathes Castle Events

crathes castle events
crathes castle events

Events involve such as Crathes Castle Art, Craft and Food Market, Escape Crathes Castle, Puzzlin about at Crathes Castle Garden, PIM Half Marathon, Squirrel Safari, Crathes Castle Christmas Craft and Fair and a whole lot more. But events may vary according to date, so please check the schedule.

You can also experience Wildwood Adventure Play Park, tree top adventure high ropes full of fun and meaning of running wild.

What Time Does Crathes Castle Open?

It is open between 10.00-17.00 everyday.

How Much Does Crathes Castle Price?

crathes castle price
crathes castle price

Crathes Castle Prices are; For an adult £14.50, for family £33.00, for one adult family £27.50, for concession £11.00, for a young scot £1.00.

Keep in mind that there are no pre bookings. You need to buy tickets from the shop and entry to castle is every 10 minutes.

Crathes Castle Price:

  • Crathes Castle (ceremony & drinks reception), price £2,250.
  • Horsemill (reception), price £1,600.
  • Crathes Castle (ceremony & reception), price £3,350.

How About a Wedding at Crathes Castle?

crathes castle wedding
crathes castle wedding

You can get a marvellous wedding at Crathes Castle, surrounded by turrets and towers, and a beautiful view of walled garden. Capacities are;

Crates Castle Capacities

Drinks reception – 80 Wedding ceremony – 50 Dining – 42


Drinks reception – 140 Wedding ceremony – 100 Dining – 80 Dance – 140

Walled Garden

Drinks reception – 80 Wedding ceremony – 80 Grounds

Marquee wedding – 500+

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